A new contact lens store I like called Vision Direct

AC Lens contact lens storeI’ll be honest with you, I have no idea how I overlooked this one for so long. I always thought 1-800 contacts would have the lowest price. After all, don’t they have a partnership with Walmart (according to this wikipedia article at least)? It turns out (happily in this case) that I was quite wrong. I believe it was an add somewhere that prompted me to click on their site. Once there, I looked up the contacts I wear to do a price comparison.

Lo and behold, it offered a lower price for the contacts, along with a rebate! Next, I did a quick search on google and guess what? I found an AC Lens coupon for 25% off as well, available from Visualdiscount.com. I was really on a roll, and by the time I checked out I had saved quite a bit over what I’m normally used to paying for my contact lenses.

We all have stores that we like to use and sometimes we just go to them out of habit. But finding Vision Direct has made me realize that it always pay to check out other stores, even if you already have your favorites.

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