Is there a science behind finding matches?

dating couponsIs there any kind of science behind finding compatible people you can date? Sites like eHarmony will have you believe so, and they’ve built a multi-million dollar corporation based on this notion. But it’s not all pseudo-science, as psychologists have been studying the science of compatibility for years.

Although we may be lead to believe that opposites attract, the truth is that more often than not, people with common characteristics tend to be more compatible with each other. This is actually common sense if you think about it. The more you have in common with someone else, the more likely you are to enjoy similar activities and have similar likes and dislikes.

The main challenge is, how do you find out the characteristics of a person so you can match them up with other, similar people? The answer so far has been personality tests, and that is the mechanism eHarmony uses. The more information the test collects, the better. This can be a double-edged sword for eHarmony, since a lengthy test may prevent some people from joining. As it stands, the eHarmony personality test takes at least a half hour to complete if you give any thought to the answer you are giving.

But it seems that having to take a test is not a deterrent for many people. eHarmony has long remained one of the most popular dating web sites online, according to the number of members they have. In addition, eHarmony also brags on its commercials that it is responsible for more marriages than anyone else. Interestingly, makes a similar claim, so who knows what the real truth is. But I’ve read more studies pointing to eHarmony being the leader in terms of marriages, so their claim rings more true for me.

So if you’ve been thinking of dating over the Internet and want to try a site that uses compatibility matching, eHarmony should be your number one choice. To get started, I encourage you to get the eHarmony trial from

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